This document contains a list of suggestions we've received in the past on the site updates posted to hq. This list will be updated as new suggestions come in, as well as when previous suggestions are implemented. Notes will be left next to suggestions that are either not feasible at this time, or are in progress.

  • Adjust external links. Some people suggested having external links opening in new tabs, and it has also been suggested that the intermediary warning page be removed or modified to function more smoothly.
  • An analytics tool that can give you more detailed information, such as referral traffic to your deviations and profile, daily stats, and tools to analyze your audience. (Done!… )
  • Email notifications for Messages and Notes.
  • Searching artwork by color. (Search requires upgrading for this to be plausible)
  • Searching for deviants by username. (Search requires upgrading for this to be plausible)
  • A way to browse Commissions offerings. (In progress!)

  • Collaborative deviations that would allow more than one deviant to be credited for one deviation.
  • Deviation series. Some artists would like the ability to easily group sets of related deviations (e.g. comic book pages, a photoshoot series, literature chapters, etc.)
  • Diacritics and non-romanized characters in deviation titles.
  • Improvements to the "Submit to a Group" tool (e.g. sorting the list based on which Groups were most recently submitted to)
  • Publicly display keywords on deviations. This could encourage artist to be smarter with the keywords they add. It would also allow members to click the keywords and explore similar deviations. (Investigating options)
  • Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons on deviation pages.
  • Preserving color profiles in deviations.
  • On deviation pages, the date that the deviation was submitted could link to a browse mode to see all deviations submitted on that date.
  • Deviation Replies. This would allow artists to leave a deviation as a "reply" to a another deviation. (For example, after using a stock photo, an artist could leave a "reply" to the deviation showing the photographer what they created using their stock photo.) etherealism made a mockup of a similar idea.
  • Add a "Last Edited" timestamp to deviations.

Message Center
  • General Message Center Improvements. Some members would like the ability to filter their messages, including; filter deviations by category, filter all messages by Friends List, etc. (Improvements planned for the future)
  • Automatically update your Message Center count on your navigation bar while browsing.
  • Increase the limit of deviations per page in the deviantWATCH section of your Message Center.
  • Search in notes. (Search requires upgrading for this to be plausible)
  • Conversation view for Notes. Some requested the ability to view all notes between you and another deviant. 

Galleries & Favourites
  • Add page numbers to "All" and Scraps.
  • Search through favourites. (Search requires upgrading for this to be plausible)
  • Subfolders for Collections.
  • Browse Favourites by category.
  • The ability to have private Collections.

Profile Pages
  • Being able to remove the Comments area.
  • A "Featured Artist" widget. (Katara-Alchemist provided a mockup.)
  • "Report Deviant" buttons on profiles.
  • Consolidating the Watcher, Friends, Groups, and Recent Visitors widgets. See this mockup.
  • Being able to see your own Poll's results without voting.
  • On the Journal tab, longer journals should collapse so you can browse more easily.

    • The ability to search Group galleries. (Search requires upgrading for this to be plausible)
    • General improvements to the process of managing Groups, such as browsing member usernames by starting letter, or being able to redirect a Group submission to the correct folder from the Correspondence message. (GreenAsDay made a mockup)

    Comments & Critiques
      • Editing comments. (Done!… )
      • A comment rating system, which would allow the most supported comments to surface to the top and the least helpful comments -- including spam and harassment -- to be pushed down. 
      • Group collapsed comments (hidden and spam) together for easier browsing.
      • Better formatting options for Critiques.
      • The ability to create a custom list of frequently used emoticons.

      Friends and deviantWATCH
      • General improvements on organizing and editing one's Friends List, including listing Groups separately from friends, or in its own "Groups" section.
      • Add a way to find artists based on their location.

        • A native app, in addition to the mobile website.

        Account & Settings
        • Profile URLs becoming If implemented, the old addresses would automatically send you to the new addresses. There are several technical advantages to making this switch which would speed up browsing and make the site more stable. This would also make it easier for us to offer an HTTPS Everywhere security mode.

        • Add a smudge tool.
        • Add the ability to change the size of the canvas without having to create a new canvas.

        • needs to do a better job at introducing itself! For some folks it's daunting, and it's not clear what it's for.
        • Add the ability to flip, crop, rotate, and filter images in

        • It is not possible to set a preview image for literature made via Writer.
        • Allow uploading and submission of .doc, .docx, and .rtf filetypes.

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        sags Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
        Get rid of the horrid yellow/green on the SUBMIT button !  Pleeeeeeese!
        Calilasseia Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
        Is it possible to add the ability to restrict access to folders to specific members? Only I'd like to be able to do this, so that I can use restricted stock in some of my artworks, whilst keeping the artwork restricted in compliance with the stock usage terms. Only some stock users have told me that if I could do this, and in effect keep artworks using their stock as private commissions within the DA site, this would be a mutually satisfactory solution. :)
        chibiBiscuit Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
        I like the Status Updates thing that was just added, but the Activity Feed isn't my thing. It's my opinion, that if you want people to opt to using those instead of polls for attention-getting headlines, I think you need to add an area in the Message Center for Status Updates. Every other kind of deviant update appears there, it's a little silly for Status Updates to be discluded.

        Thank you for listening!
        Deadfish-Comics Featured By Owner 4 days ago
        What about a delete comment feature so we don't have a bunch of "marked as spam" or "comment deleted/by user" filling up our comments sections, it'd make the feedback on the deviations and our profiles look alot cleaner...

        Also, how about a rating system for site updates, so you can truly know how the users really feel about an update before you guys roll it out... or at least give the users an option to opt out of the updates and leave honest feedback after opting out...
        Tigergirl7707 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
        I agree with the comments people keep posting. Please allow us to go back to the older version! It's not simply for those who dislike the new version, because I understand that change is good, but the new version kills my internet. It takes forever to load things and I no longer have the patience for the daily deviant page that I used to love. It's my homepage so whenever I hop on the internet, I'm greeted by good art. Now I don't even get to see it because of all the comments under it, the other tabs that have to load, and the previous day option. I liked just seeing the small thumbnail and the name of it.
        Beltaneh Featured By Owner 5 days ago
        Overall I like the new site you develped :)

        First day I log on to dA since it is working, so probably I still need to get more familiar with it. But already a couple of suggestions come to mind. The first one is a doubt more likely. In the main page (homepage), can't I see "newest" submitted deviations anymore?
        And just another comment, I like the new "activity" widged for personal pages, but I would like it to be personalizable. I.e. I already display my favourites in another box, it looks a little repetitive. I find the "status" part interesting, allows you to share brief thoughts without needing to write a full journal entry, which is more suitable for longer ideas.

        Anyway, thank you all for the hard work Emoticon: Bow 
        Gamaray89 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
        To have a chat to talk to other fellow artists without using a shoutbox. this would make users feel welcomed into the community.
        Gamaray89 Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
        To have a Advanced Settings Page to adjust deviantart homepage to your liking. (Ex. setting a certain tab to a default, the color of the site, the adjustments of certain buttons, disabling activity feed, etc.) this would make users feel trusted with deviantart's new designs and tabs to set it to a custom.
        Yoka-the-Changeling Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
        I would like to have an option for Watch Feed that would make so that feed entries will not disappear from the Feed, so I could go back to some of them if I want. It was a problem with the message center sometimes if I would want to go back to some deviations that I've already closed in messege center (I would basically have to use a browser history to find them). And when it comes to the message center and it's layout it would be kinda ludacris and confusing to keep all messages (maybe a bin or something, but it doesn't matter, it's not about message center), but Watch Feed is like a newspaper, so for me it makes perfect sence to have all feed entries there (all that selected in manager, of course). And it would make Watch Feed more like my personal newspaper and less like a weird everchanging space where stuff appears and disappears.

        On the other note, it would be nice if enteries would disparrear from the message center if I scrolled them in Watch Feed. They disappear if I go the center first and close them there, but if I watch Feed first they'll stay in the center (and then I have to go to center and close them). Basically, system makes me watch the same thing twice if I do it in that order.

        And the last one (since I'm one of those people who likes the new layout), I would like to have an option to see this new bar "Today, Watch Feed, What's Hot..." on every page, so it would be just a part of a header all the time. I understand it's only for "deviantart" part of the site and individual devant pages are sort of exist in there own separete space like that, but it's like handy to have it there. So, an option would be nice.

        P.S.: As a web-designer/programmer I understand that it's an enormous amount of work to intagrate now but give people who likes the old style a choice to have it. They're complaining just because the new style is forced on them. If it would have been an option and not a univesal switch, everyone would've been happy.
        P.S.S.: I love the new layout. Good job on that :3
        TriggerStudios Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
        :no: :no: :no: :no: :no:
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