Parents- Shy Shy by Earthsong9405 Parents- Shy Shy by Earthsong9405

Posey is a rather small but compact earth pony mare with surprisingly large hooves. While a tiny bit shy like her daughter, she isn’t paralyzed by attention nor is she meek. She doesn’t have that much trouble speaking her mind, but she’s more likely to simply let things unravel themselves than actually interfere unless she felt the need to. Posey would be where Fluttershy gets her stronger desire to be closer to the ground than up in the sky, although any and every pegasus still retains the need and desire to fly. Posey would also be a very accomplished healer/doctor and would have a rather impressive amount of magic within her legs and hooves, which would have others playfully calling her “The mare with the magic hooves”. Due to her having extarordinary healing magic, she has a high pain tolerance and heals very quickly.

Sunburst is a average sized stallion with a large heart and even larger soul. He’s brave, self-sacrificing, and loves to help others. It’s why he took up his dream career of being a firefighter. He was originally going to be a soldier, but I figured firefighters and law enforcers really don’t get the credit they deserve, so firefighter he is. :3 Personality wise, Sunburst isn’t much of a talker, but he isn’t the type to be shy either. He’s charming, gentle, and loves to joke around. Between Posey and Sunburst, Fluttershy gets quite a bit of her looks from her father, specifically his eyes, hair type, and long wings

So the way Sunburst met Posey is a peculiar story. He actually met her on the job; he was called in when a huge fire broke out in an apartment building when one of the residents forgot they were cooking something. When he reached the destination, most of the residents had managed to get out; all except for two. The frightened ponies said an earth pony mare had ran in when she heard someone’s foal was trapped, but now she was stuck too. Needing no other explanation, Sunburst and a couple of other ponies charged in, the rest fighting desperately to put the fire out.

After some searching, Sunburst managed to find the earth pony mare and the foal; the mare had been trapped underneath some burning debris, having pushed the foal out of the way before the debris could fall on him as well. The little colt was trying to pull her out, but he wasn’t strong enough. Sunburst managed to pull her out from underneath all the rubble and got her, and the foal, out safely. The mare, Posey, suffered some second degree burns and had to go to the hospital. Sunburst felt compelled to visit her, sooooo… he did. c:

She was awake and well when he did go to visit (due to her fast healing rate), and she thanked him for saving her life. He in turn commended her for her bravery, and they got to talking. From that point, he’d visit her until she was well enough to leave, and even afterward they agreed to continue seeing each other over lunch, dinner, just to hang out. Finally, Sunburst asked Posey on an official date, and she said yes. Aaaaaaaaaand then they got married, and had adorable little Shy. The end. :3

Sadly, Sunburst is no longer living; he sacrificed his life to save the lives of others when a business building caught fire. :C

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BratzDArkRock Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this couple. They're both incredibly cute Emote - Kitty glomp 
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Thanks! c:
ardashir Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
Awww! Posey looks so much like her daughter. Again, love the backstory and the incredible detail you put into them.
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You mean, Fluttershy looks so much like her mother. xD And thank you. c:
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