so uno :iconhealingwind:

whispers i thought I did too

before I go on, take a look at this recent secret santa wa ha ha

I don't know how much I'ma say regarding this topic but there's a blog here called 'failingwind' that keeps a record of her tracing career lol:

I looked up to this gurl a lot and there was a lot of chances I had to call this out but I look away from it. which was wrong of me tbh (looking away even tho I knew) but here we gooo

The first time I found out was uh, on tumblr RIGHT after I made a journal post saying that "healingwind is one of my inspirations" n______________n whoops not anymore I LIKE WHOEVER SHE TRACES I GUESS

i mean lol I looked away when

event 1:… healingwind's called out tracing an artist called nisoniso and then she requested her to take down her post regarding her tracings after niso called her out loooool good thing niso immortalized it on her blog I guess

event 2: ARTIST CONFESSIONS… posted near her birthday which is kinda messed up but she deserved it lol AND HER DA PAGE WASN'T FLOODED HOW IDK basically yeah that
edit: oh the AC confession was late in December so idk if she still traces lol but she swept everything under the rug anyway. now go look at her new art and wonder if she traced it like i do now

event 3: babababum failingwind blog Here I saw even more traced art that included SSes, commissions, and contests on DA OMG CONTEST RESULTSWatch These Awesome Artists








:bulletred:Explosion Of Madness Contest Winners:bulletred:
1st Place- :iconcyblix:

2nd Place- :iconhealingwind:
3rd Place- :iconbag-chan:
Lets Watch the Tele by BagToon Green Tastes Good by BagToonCrimson Pain by BagToonKiss Me Under the Pink Lit Sky by BagToonRun Away Russian Post by BagToon
:bulletorange:Hounourable Mentioning's:bulletorange:
Honourable Mention- :iconLevioleur:
:iconNarcissa92devil:Explosion Of Madness A Joint Oc Contest my entry by Narcissa92devil
Honourable Mention- :iconmaniacalartist:
:iconcookie-gear:Cont - Levi Chagrin by cookie-gearCont - ManAyce by cookie-gear
Honourable Mention- :iconnusine:
<- contest she got second place in for a TRACED PICTURE…

anyway uh. these are recent and after artist confessions called her out I'd hope she stop but she doesn't. the reason I'm posting this is because DA does not know she does this looking from what I've been seeing and I don't want this to be true either because she was seriously on my tops artist list and I commissioned her too now I'm like lol I wonder where u traced it from AND IF YOU'RE HEALINGWIND I'D RATHER U NOT MESSAGE ME OR W/E ABOUT THIS IF YOU END UP SEEING THIS BUT I'M P SURE YOU WON'T and even if you do message me oh well u did this to urself. now clean up ur act b/c i'm going to immortalize this here and not delete the post and put "resolved" like I did with my kidchan post (which was resolved more recently thanks to artist-confessions)


Origi by niaro

©2013-2016 niaro
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