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This document lists pending feedback and known issues from our site updates. Items will be removed from this list and announced in the next Site Update once they have been addressed.

  • Collaborative deviations that would allow two people to be credited to one deviation. From `Jules1983, ~dat-Fips, =KrazyHero, and many more
  • Deviation series. Some artists would like the ability to easily create a deviation series (for comic book pages, a photoshoot series, literature chapters, etc.). From =Mysticbynd and others
  • Multi-deviation publishing. Many deviants requested features that made it easier to publish multiple deviations. Some of these suggestions included the ability to schedule deviations, easier multi-deviation uploading, and the ability for to remember the settings you used last (for example: licenses, enabling or disabling comments and critiques, etc.). From ~WindBlade-Zero, *StrangeOrangeFish, =tkay, and many more
  • International characters in deviation titles. From =fan4battle, ~SeddieThunder, ~Orima-Kazooie and others
  • Some members were frustrated and confused with the listing of groups on the "Submit to Group" pop-up on deviation pages. Currently, it lists out groups you've frequently submitted to (regardless of if you're still in the group) and groups you're an admin of, but some people suggested that it should just be a straightforward list of groups you're a member or admin of. From `apocathary, ~Kracov, *Blooper-Love, ~velka, and others
  • Add the Google +1 button and the Facebook Like button to deviation pages. From =Mary-Jane-Stokely and ~StancyMcKatt
  • Thumbnail images in comments. Assuming there were limitations, would you like to be able to post thumbnail images of deviations in comments? Example usage might include: Your friend loves cats and you found a beautiful cat photo, so you post it as a comment on their profile; sharing art in forums around a topic; posting a journal asking for the best landscape paintings where people can reply with thumbnails in the comments. From =Y-Phil, *ObscureFlower
  • Preserving color profiles in deviations. deviantART has always removed color profile information from files - mostly because we remove nearly ALL meta data - partially for cleanup, for privacy, for virus cleaning - for a million reasons. There are a lot of technical challenges around offering this. Should this apply to all submissions? Just Portfolio submissions? How important is this issue? From *arth1
  • Publicly display keywords on deviations. This could encourage artist to be smarter with the keywords they add. It would also allow members to click the keywords and explore similar deviations. From ~EnlightenU in the Suggestions Forum
  • When you delete a deviation, it redirects to your Profile. It should redirect to your Gallery.From *amayathewolf3 
  • On deviation pages, the date that the deviation was submitted could link to a browse mode to see all deviations submitted on that date. From =Naomi-Wiflath 
  • Deviation Replies. This requested feature would allow artists to leave a deviation as a "reply" to a another deviation. For example, after using a stock photo, an artist could leave a "reply" to the deviation showing the photographer what they created using their stock photo. Artists could "reply" to tutorials with the art they created using the tutorial. Another use case for this feature would be the ability to collaborate; a photographer might upload a photo and ask others to retouch it. Artist could reply with their versions of the retouched photo. *pikadudeno1 pointed out ~etherealism's mockup of a similar idea. Originally suggested by ~ExtremeYaoiFanatic
Message Center
  • General Message Center Improvements. Some members would like the ability to filter their messages, including; filter deviations by category, filter all messages by Friends List, etc. Some members brought up concerns with group messages, especially with the upgrade of Journals. What are your thoughts? How could the Message Center experience be better for you? From `apocathary,~djgaijin, *GuardianMobius, and many more
  • A couple members requested the ability to browse Journals in your Message Center using keyboard shortcuts like you can with deviation messages, browse, and search results. From *xPastxChaserx and others
  • Automatically update your Message Center count on your navigation bar while browsing deviantART. From *Knickolaus, ~cheydinhal, =Tophthetomboy 
  • If your mouse's middle button is set to open links in new tabs, it does not work properly in the Message Center. We're looking into this issue. From *AspiredWriter
  • Increase the limit of deviations per page in the deviantWATCH section of your Message Center. From =ArO113
  • On members' journal pages, collapse longer journals so you can browse more easily. Great idea! From ~ThatBlueManiac
  • Add a "Last Edited" timestamp to Journals. From =virgino0owhore
  • Add pagination to the Journal History widget. From ~Mauser712 
Galleries & Gallery Folders
  • Gallery folders within gallery folders. From ~Chemicide, *drawitout, *Yubinada, and others
  • Add page numbers to Scraps and Galleries. From ~Mauser712 and ~panictowel
  • When browsing an artist's gallery, deviations that are in quite a few folders have a large list of those folders under the thumbnail image, which can be distracting. From `Arete-Eirene-Phile
Favourites & Collections
  • Search through favourites. Some deviants would like the ability to search through their own favourites. From *lady-cybercat, ~IcyPheonix, ~sonicthemeatball, and many more
  • Bring back the ability to browse Favourites by category. From ~Tai-shan
  • There should be a "Remove from Favourites" button when browsing Favourites and Collections. From *digitalkitty in the Suggestions Forum
  • The ability to have private Collections. From =DaemonicFae 
Browse & Search
  • Thumbs of tall or wide deviations do not display the artwork well. (We have a surprise coming that should make this a lot better!) From *Talty
  • Ability to search artwork by color. From *Nightphoenix2
  • When searching and browsing artwork, add the ability to move to the next and previous pages of results by using the left and right keys. From =excentricjester 
  • Add the ability to browse with bigger thumbs! From *DryBonesReborn
    • The ability to search Group galleries has been suggested as well. Before we can add some of these features, our search requires upgrading, but we are looking into all requests. From `Crazysparkles06, *whitestarflower 
    • List Groups separately from friends lists, or have a "Groups" section on your friends list. Great suggestion. There should be an easier way to see all the Groups you're in. One option to fix this might be to put Groups at the bottom of the friends list. From =Gex78, =Siegetank241, and others
    • Add more features to manage Groups with a lot of members, such as search or a feature to jump down the list to usernames that start with a certain letter. From *WatcherAngel,  *mylastel, =Wyvern709, =Hirukio, *WatcherAngel 
    Comments & Critiques
      • A comment rating system, which would allow the most supported comments to surface to the top and the least helpful comments -- including spam and harassment -- to be pushed down. This might be especially useful for discussions on news articles, journals, and forums to surface the most favored ideas or well thought out comments. Like the "Newest" and "Oldest" comment sorting modes, you'd be able to switch your default to a mode to sort comments by rating. - From ~CATSr2 and =gilll
      • Editing and deleting comments. Some deviants would like the ability to delete comments. Some would like to edit comments to fix typos, formatting errors, or to clarify the comment. We're looking into offering a "Undo Send" button (similar to what Gmail offers). But, the notion of comment deletion treads on an old tradition of deviantART: its history. If you have made a comment, it's out there for the world to see. If you're in a forum discussion, and you start a subthread, you're not allowed to go back and delete the comment that started it all. It would leave a gap in an otherwise complete picture. It can be damaging to the community when you have the ability to say something and then later change what you've said, especially after people have replied. From ~catanddogs ~FHjake, =Frankief, and many more
      • Writer-style editing in comments. Not everyone knows HTML. Some people would like to see a Writer-style editor in comments, which would allow you to easily format a comment without typing in codes.
      • Group collapsed comments (hidden and spam) together. From *psychoplumbers and =MissPinks
      • Add the ability to add links in Critiques (for external resources, etc...). From `ClefairyKid
      • Add artist types and specialties to comment signatures. From ~RadiationAlpha
      • An icon that shows if a member is new. "It would show that a new user might need help to navigate the site and all of its features. More experienced deviants could spot them easier and help them." From ~JosephAngelo
      • Add a search function in the emoticon legend. From =TheMasterNeko
      • The ability to create a custom "favourites" list of emoticons. From =katara-alchemist
      • Search through notes. Some deviants would like the ability to search through their own notes. From `rydi1689, ^kasumichan2003, `ClefairyKid, *SenshiStock, and others
      • Conversation view. Some requested the ability to view all notes between you and another deviant. 
      Friends and deviantWATCH
      • We've received scattered reports that the "Friends" dropdown is showing up blank for some members. Is this happening to you? Let us know. From ~tinkerheck and others
      • The "Friends" dropdown should be sorted by Friends Lists. From =alpin-j
      • `LostKitten provided some suggestions for watchers and friends lists: separating Groups from deviants in your friends lists, and consolidating the Watcher, Friends, Groups, and Recent Visitors widgets. See this mockup.
      • Several features were requested that show mutual connections between you and another member. For example, mutual friends, mutual favourites, mutual art types, etc. From ~daaddicted, ~ShillMynara, =deshardiii 
      • Add a way to find artists based on their location. From ~chaosengine77, *mylastel, ~reddie1201
      • Some members would like mobile support for some features, such as: Message Center stacks, friends lists, deviations, Notes, watch ability.
      Account & Settings
      • Profile URLs becoming We're discussing the possibility of changing profile URLs from the format to Of course the old addresses would automatically send you to the new addresses. There are several technical advantages to making this switch which would speed up browsing and make the site more stable. This would also make it easier for us to offer a "HTTPS Everywhere" security mode.
      • Username changes. This has been an ongoing request from the community. There are major technical challenges around this feature, but we'd like to find a way to offer it. We'd like to hear more from you. Why do you want to change your username? What should happen to your old username? What should happen to your history on deviantART? Should old comments display your old or new username? From *ziopork, ~mimi1708, ~Hayhayluvpokemon, and many more
      Prints & Shop
      • Currently, when submitting prints, you have to click "more sizes" and choose the other sizes individually. It should be easier to simply choose all other sizes. From =XxFreakOfNaturexX 
      • Add a smudge tool. From ~bloominglove and *BertieBert 
      • Add the ability to change the size of the Canvas without having to create a new Canvas. From ^krissi001
      • If you start with a small canvas, it zooms in. Shouldn't it start at 100%? From ^krissi001
      • Adjust external links. Some people suggested having external links opening in new windows. It has also been suggested that the intermediary warning page be either removed or modified to function more smoothly. From *RipperRoo-255, ~Rocketgirl97, ~Yojiro-sage
      • An analytics tool that can give you more detailed information such as traffic to your deviations and profile, daily stats, and tools to analyze your audience. From =Mary-Jane-Stokely and `TimberClipse
      • Email notifications for Messages and Notes. Some members requested to have the option of receiving email notifications for Messages and Notes. What types of messages would you like to be notified of? From ~DJDavidhu and ~bettams

      • Right now, even if you have a full of files, you can't access any of them from the main Submit page, or from the Print Submission page. This is something we're working on correcting. From *sleepyowlet
      • Right now, thumbnails can't be used on deviantART - partially because it would mean 'bigger plz icons' in a lot of places, and partially because is meant to be that little bit separate. It's been suggested that we could allow the thumbs, but always put a "" overlay on them to mark them clearly. This is a cool idea that we'll definitely give more thought to! From =HMFS
      • Simple: In Writer, the Tab Key should indent! From ~Remy1716
      • Some are requesting that work on their mobile phones too - it's something we're definitely going to look at a little further down the road. But, as with everything, keep the requests keep coming in if it's something you want to see! From ~AdolftheWolf, ~narutokunobessed, and more
      • Instead of having its own file-saving system, deviantART muro should just save to And so it will! From ~josehedgehog
      • needs to do a better job at introducing itself! For some folks it's daunting, and it's not clear what it's for. While is useful for a lot of artist's workflows, it's's job to make sure that anyone who visits it understands what it's for. Requested by *Befera, *RaiDoodles, and lots more.
      • While makes it easy to upload a lot of files at once, submitting those files to your deviantART Gallery is still not smooth, and it's not possible to submit a lot at once. We will be designing a new Submit application to address all of these issues in one swoop. From *nid311, =dorkywaffle, and many more.
      • Add the ability Flip, Crop, Rotate, and even Filter images should be possible for Stashed items. From ~far-off-light and *RachelTheFox
      • Dragging and Dropping to causes trouble if you've logged out in a separate window.
      • Sometimes, for text posts, a "Journal" graphic appears where a "Literature" one should - places like Chat thumbnails, and sometimes inside itself. From by `cypher-neo
      • Writer deviations -- including journals -- do not show up on deviantART's mobile interface. We are working on implementing a fix that will open these deviations in the desktop interface rather than the mobile interface. From ~vidthekid and others 
      • Some members were reporting some bugs when copy and pasting content from Microsoft Word. We're always trying to improve compatibility with other applications, but it's just a matter of fine tuning. If you have a Word document that is creating some errors, please send a note to $Dan14Lev if you are willing to share your document for bug testing. From *Kneeling-Glory 
      • Not everybody wants to put huge images in their journals when using Writer. You should be able to choose the default size for all added images. From *Lionsong, ~NovemberWishes, =cherybery, and more
      • Writer's Auto-Save should not be affecting already-submitted deviations - it should be auto-saving your changes to your Drafts! We'll be fixing this so that your edits don't accidentally leak out early. From =violetstory
      • It is not possible to set a preview image for literature made via Writer. From =JazZeke, *JamieMDavies, and many more
      • Writer should have additional formatting options, including bullet points, margins - everything you would expect from a desktop word processor. From *JamieMDavies, ~KettouRyuujin, and more!
      • Writer currently cannot access Group Skins (only the skins installed individually by deviants). We will soon provide functionality giving you the ability to use any skin you'd otherwise have access to anywhere you want. Our reasoning is, if you have access to the skin you could easily cut and paste it anyway so we may as well make this easier to address the needs here.
      • The "Change Size" & "Move" buttons sometimes don't show up on images added to a Writer document. Still trying to figure out what's causing it! From =katara-alchemist, =FullMetalMono, and more
      • Group Journals are still considered "Personal" -- they will likely be re-categorized in the tree and separated from Personal.
      • The ability to type in "real HTML" in Writer is going to be present as part of the upcoming Edit menu. This should solve a lot of problems with "nbsp" not working, and other HTML tricks like that. From `Mirz123, `electricjonny and many more!
      • Our formatting system, named Chrysalis, very-occasionally has trouble processing a section of a Writer document. It results Stashed files displaying in correctly on the home page.
      • When using Writer to compose a Journal, your work is automatically saved to Deviants would like this functionality on Journals submitted outside of, since sometimes it's easy to accidentally leave the page and possibly lose your progress. From `TimberClipse
      • Journals in Writer can be labeled as "mature content." Some deviants would like to do the same with Journals submitted outside of Writer. From `vsconcepts

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      TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
      How do you submit work done in Writer as literature?
      winryie Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
      I suggest putting the option to choose which pieces of information you want to be in your devID. A lot of people find the fact that there's no choice in the matter rather annoying. For one, it's rather silly to have your username repeated in your devID, since people can just look at the top of the page for that if needed. Also, it's unnecessary to repeat your location again, since it can also be found at the top. The unneeded information causes clutter for those who don't want it, but can't get rid of it. It would be really nice to be able to customize the devID more, and not have to stick with mandatory pieces of information.
      samoholic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
      • When using Writer to compose a Journal, your work is automatically saved to Deviants would like this functionality on Journals submitted outside of, since sometimes it's easy to accidentally leave the page and possibly lose your progress.

      OMG That happens to me a LOT!
      TopHat-Trexxxy Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
      Interesting updates and quite a lot of useful ones to as well. though me and many other would like it if. all Public Available Badges were still getting Rewarded no matter what.
      sonicthemeatball Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
      You left something out. Being able to search our own favorites wouldn't be that useful. The right to search anyone's favorites (including your own) would be very useful.
      Queen-Kitty Featured By Owner May 6, 2012   Photographer
      I'd love to have an update to the portfolio! If you guys could make it similar to other portfolio building sites, that would be amazing! Possibly, it might even be neat to be able to add a "buy print" option linked into it as well, that would be REALLY cool. What I really want though is more categories and more deviations allowed in each one. I'd be a life-long premium member with that kind of an added feature, since I already like the streamlined look of it :heart:

      With, deviantart has already been really upped in my standards, since I can share client pictures to clients and let them download files they want and let it ALL be private.
      greatblade12 Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
      make more gallery folders for the 123456543th time! XD
      Werecatpack Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
      Um, deviations submitted by aren't appearing in my detailed statistics.
      celticwren Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Professional General Artist
      I am going to add my two cents here as well: There is this one thing that drives me NUTS! When I reply to comments all in one go, all my comments are all in a big lump together in the comment section, instead being under each original comment that I am replying to! This also confuses me when I am reading comments on other galleries, because I can't figure out who the artist is replying to. It doesn't matter as much when it is just "thanks!" but when there is a whole conversation, and the comments are all scattered down the page instead of in one place.
      AreteEirene Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012   Photographer
      There really should be a link to this in the suggestions forum if there isn't already. Then people could see if their suggestion has already made it to the list. :)
      Ehsan-E Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
      1 I can't see some of deviation thumbnails . . what should i do ?
      2 How we should instal site updates ?
      dnlhern6 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
      Username changes. This has been an ongoing request from the community. There are major technical challenges around this feature, but we'd like to find a way to offer it. We'd like to hear more from you. Why do you want to change your username? What should happen to your old username? What should happen to your history on deviantART? Should old comments display your old or new username?

      I feel like username changes should be handled the same way the Steam program handles it. Keep your default username as your profile name, and have your changed username visible, comments and all. An example is that my steam community name is dnlhern1, while my nickname is DNL. dnlhern1 is shown only in the steam community URL, while DNL is shown everywhere else.
      Magical525 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
      "Username changes. This has been an ongoing request from the community. There are major technical challenges around this feature, but we'd like to find a way to offer it. We'd like to hear more from you. Why do you want to change your username? What should happen to your old username? What should happen to your history on deviantART? Should old comments display your old or new username? "

      I'm surprised that this is seen as so complicated - a user name is just an entry in the data base - change the entry and everything that entry is used in automatically changes too.

      <insert matter of fact with a hint of confusion tone of voice>

      The amount of "it's so hard to do" that is showing in how you guys ask about this really does surprise me - you have done amazing things that are really hard to code here yet something simple like a database entry change is made to sound like it's nigh on impossible when in fact it's just as easy as someone editing the name of a deviant.
      anti-tanX Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
      It's so tempting to add suggestions here.

      I read over the list and most of what I want is already on the list, or ''close enough''. But one suggestion that doesn't seem to be listed is the ability to have artist stacks in message center include journals. (that is unless one of the other suggestions provides the same functionality somehow. Not sure I understand what the message center keyword suggestion is, but if it would let me jump straight to the journal stack of a specific user then that could work out for me.)
      Chartokai Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
      That sounds like a good idear if you mean each artist in the message center gets a stack like how you can group art by artists. well done for thinking of that!
      jkrolak Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
      1) Under the Art / Comics catagory - add buttons for Cover Art, Original Line Art, Inked page, based on a suggestion read from Adam Hughes commentary pages.

      2) Under Art / Catagory - add Commissioned Art work

      3) As part of headings (Profile / Gallery / Prints / Favorites / Journal) add Commissions - ideally would have a simple Red / Green - indicating if open/closed - default being closed (or a hidden option) and a basic design were artist can list their terms and have space to list commission slots / paid - upaid / status (or can just be a permanent easy to view page so they are not always having to research journal entries or recreate/repost the same entry.)

      4) a better way to save the plz emotcons would be greatly welcomed. Several artists and groups do their best but gathering them all to a centralized location would be a welcome addition to DA and help encourage their use.
      anti-tanX Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
      wait so this has been here since Jan 26 but has only 4 comments? =0
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      It'd be awesome if, on this, you guys put the date of when you added each thing so we could easily see what's new.
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      This archive is taken straight from the Site Updates, so new things could be found on the most recent Site Updates. :)
      Jz113 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Student General Artist
      Why are thumbs in dAmn messages messed up?
      Example: [link]
      See how the rest of the text is pushed down?
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      Why not the prices of everything by 50% for good and you'll notice that more members will buy. Pro group prices are crazily high and not worth the money. Do not feed the greed.
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      I have a question :noes:
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      bug are happing to me, why :(
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