I am amazed at my new community of friends here on deviantart and the support and kindness I have received! It has been keeping me quite busy between here and photo shoots. I felt it was about that time where I clarify some rules that I am frequently asked.


  • I am the Model and Photographer unless otherwise stated
  • I use Gimp 2.8 for my photo manipulations and retouches
  • A lot of my stock is free, some is paid. There are many hours spent creating every photo and to cover cost of costumes and improving my studio I do ask a small fee on some of my stocks. There are plenty of my BEST stocks that will still be free for those that can't afford the premium stocks.
  • To keep things simple my pricing on commercial use is a $10 one time fee for things such as book covers, cds, magazines, calendars, and art prints outside of deviantart. Art prints inside Deviantart are FREE and you do not need permission to sell the prints inside the site.  Please let me know if an image is going to be used for commercial use. I do not need to be credited on book covers I understand that is usually not possible. where credit is possible it is appreciated, but if not it is still okay to use my stocks. I would appreciate a link to the finished work.
                                                                                      Please Credit Properly by taruto
  • Please keep it clean- no profanity, hate,  sexually explicit, or fetish type stuff. If you are unsure if something would be allowed don't be afraid to ask- Thanks :) (Smile)
  • There may be times when I can't respond to all the messages and notes I receive as quick as I'd like.  I have begun to be swamped by them so please be patient with me. Important inquiries will get priority and will be answered as promptly as possible :) Love you and appreciate you all! :)
  • I provide a Deviant Art model release with all of my stock photos but if you are in need of a specific model release for book covers, etc don't be afraid to ask. I can usually get you one within a few days and sometimes same day. Just let me know your deadline and specifically what kind of form you need filled out.
  • Paypal Stamp by artist4com   Go to and click the 'Send Money' option. My email is:
  • You also have the choice to send your payment by equivalent Deviant Art points. Whichever you find easier :)
If there are things here you still have questions about or something I haven't addressed let me know and I will add it to this journal. Thank you guys! 
                                                                                        Thankful Stamp by JunkbyJen

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