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Sun Sep 24, 2017, 4:13 PM

Neko whaaa by Senpai-Emoji IMPORTANT! Neko whaaa by Senpai-Emoji

Pink Right Bullet by GasaraPlease read my Terms of Service before commissioning me. By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service.
Pink Right Bullet by GasaraI will start on your commission after receiving payment.
Pink Right Bullet by GasaraIf you don’t pay within a week (Points), or when your invoice is due (Paypal), I will consider your commission canceled. (If you were on the wait list, you can request to stay on the list, but you will be moved to the back. Concerned Neko by Senpai-Emoji)

Free Bullet - Strawberry (Left) - by ChibiMogu TERMS OF SERVICE Free Bullet - Strawberry (Left) - by ChibiMogu

Checkmark by toast-horse You can: use as your icon, use on your website, and share using the share buttons on deviantART as long as you provide credit and a link back to me.
X by toast-horse You cannot: share or re-upload without crediting me, sell digital or physical copies, claim credit for any part of the artwork, trace, or edit.

1. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara Commissioned art is for personal use only. (If it is for commercial work, we can discuss.)
2. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara Please do not edit, trace, or claim my artwork and/or designs as your own, and do not sell or redistribute in any way, including but not limited to re-upload, unless I have given you written permission and have a record of my doing so.
3. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara I reserve the right to share the commissioned art on deviantART and other locations. You may ask at any time for sharing to be limited to deviantART only. For commissioned artwork that depicts you (or a friend or family member), I will ask before I upload, because I know not everyone wants their likeness shared online. :)
4. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara Should I want to publish the commissioned art in an artbook or similar printed material, I will seek your approval first. But if I can't contact you and the artwork in question is already in my deviantART gallery, I reserve the right to publish the artwork anyway. (You will get credit if it involves your character or design, and if it is a realistic commission I will not publish personal information except, perhaps, first names.)

5. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara Please be patient. I have to prioritize based on what is put on my plate, and while commissions will remain at the top of my priority list, sometimes they might have to be put on hold. To check the progress of your commission, take a look at Trello.
6. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara I cannot give you a refund if I have started on the picture.
7. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara  If, after seeing the finished product, you would like me to make a significant change to it, I will charge you for it. So...please make sure it's the way you want it when I show you the sketch. :meow:
8. Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara I reserve the right to refuse any commission request. I will not accept a request that does not align with my moral values.

Glass Star Bullet (Pink) by Gasara GACHAPON COMMISSIONS ONLY:
Since it's a surprise (like a gumball machine), there won't be a sketch to approve beforehand. I'll only make changes if I made the error, not if you forgot to tell me certain details.

WILL draw:

:bulletgreen: girls, boys, OCs, and fanart
:bulletgreen: kemonomimi (characters with animal ears)
:bulletgreen: Pokemon
:bulletgreen: custom designs *Not always available; ask if interested to get a quote
:bulletgreen: affection (male/female only); friendship
:bulletgreen: character reference sheets [examples pending]

Will NOT draw:

:bulletred: hentai/any explicit (R18) material
:bulletred: shoujoai/shounenai/yuri/yaoi/incest/any same-sex material
:bulletred: furries; MLP (My Little Pony--human forms are okay though)
:bulletred: characters using tobacco or drugs
:bulletred: beasts/monsters; overcomplicated mecha

(So most general requests are probably okay. Please ask if you are unsure about anything!)
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara For realistic or traditional commissions, please visit my website for more info Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara

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